Monday, July 03, 2006

Well, I'm having no luck at all adding a picture to my blog. I wonder sometimes if its not the computer and/or the fact I use Netscape, or if its just my inadequacy with the new technology. So, I've read the help screens and they say its so easy, just point and click but when I do, no window pops up like it suppose to do, so for right now, I'm pictureless.

Job search is still going, I wonder if I'm not spending enough time pounding the streets, but my situation doesn't lend itself well to just showing up on someone's door and saying, "Hey, do you want to hire me?" I'd be calling Jim to post my bail after being arrested and tested for a looney. And I'm not keen on spending another night in jail, I don't think I have enough water in my system to cry that much. (Another story there, but not today.)

I took some time friday to visit the St. Louis Art Museum. Its totally free on fridays as is the zoo, and the art museum. I guess the Science Center is always free for most exhibits but you have to pay for parking. It was outstanding. Coming from Boise where the Art Museum is the size of my old house, ok, maybe a tad bit bigger, but not much, I was impressed at the size of all the galleries. And the diversity of art was amazing. I am more drawn to European Art, (I'm a purest), but they spanned the globe and time. I saw one exhibit, that they usually charge for, called Remote Viewing, its suppose to be a futuristic view of art from other dimensions, think Star Trek on acid. Not my cup of tea, but they had youth guides walking kids groups through and explaining the art which I thought was amazing. (By the way, if you are with the Art Musuem and are reading this, I applied for the Publication Assistant position and would really like to talk to someone about the job.) This was a paid political announcement from the Get Lynn Working Campaign, Jim Cahoon, Treasurer.

But back to the art I did like. They had two Monet's that were amazing, and one of Dega's statues of a pre teen dancer. (What would we call him today for his passions?) I like the old dark oil paintings like those of woman with knitting or Mrs. Thomas Somethingorother. Why would you name a woman's picture based on the fact she was her husband's property? One more piece of the puzzle that brought us the womans liberation movement. They have an Eygptian mask that they are fighting with Eygpt over ownership. It was prettier in the paper when I just saw the picture. And they have three coffins and mummys. Now, it really got me thinking about what kind of society are we that we display the dead of other societies as art? The covers are beautiful and the displays also show the jars that the internal organs were kept in as well as xrays of the bones of these dead people. It was like a visit to a strange morgue. (see, I need to get back to work, my brain is thinking too much!)

With that, time to go copy some more resume's and write cover letters. Wish me luck or maybe just send food. I like Ramen and it doesn't cost much to ship.

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