Saturday, April 16, 2011

Did you know it's April 16?

Honestly, the last two weeks have totally gotten away from me. Too many to do's on my list and my brain shuts down... It's a documented fact. (Lynn Law #435)

So March goals...redux.... Write a new short for WW. Finish - Writing Characters Across the Generations article. Host blog for ELC's new book. Write 20000 words this month. Send out at least five queries on my cozy mystery.

Report - ehhhh---wait... I got a new story send and finished my article. I hosted an author on my blog and wrote...20,230 words... and sent out no queries. So my initial luke warm feeling was wrong. I met four of the five goals.

So why was I feeling down?

This month - that has two more weeks in it, I've already attended a conference, a writer's retreat and blogged. Was I a successful wallflower? I think so. I'm never going to win Miss Congeniality or be elected to a national office, but I met the agent I wanted to meet and pitched two projects with two requests.

So for the rest of the month, I'm going to be head down and fingers flying to polish up two manuscripts for submission. I'm counting the one agent I met at the conference in my goal and sending the cozy out to four more.

Focus grasshopper. The journey starts with a single step. And even a blind man...

Okay, you get my drift. Wish me luck.