Saturday, January 27, 2007

January Blues

Well, I wrote a lot at the end of December but nothing since then. I hate writing down my goals because then I look at why I'm not following through. So, losing weight, no. Writing daily, no. Sending out projects, no.

I did go to my Rheumatologist, but didn't do the lab work. So I'll have to move that followup appointment. I got my bone scan and mammogram, but the mammogram came back bad so I go back in Monday. I'm trying not to stress but you know me.

Financially we are a wreak but maybe it will be better now.

Well darts are calling, gotta go.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It is with great joy and fear that I look to this next year. Having made such drastic changes to my life in 300+, I wonder what 2007 will bring. I have been thinking a lot about my goals and dreams for this year and have waxed poeticly about them in a list of SMART (I hope) goals at work. But I really want to focus on two.

1- Be healthier at the end of 2007 than I am in the beginning. Steps to include limiting worry, losing weight (at least 20 pounds this year), exercising 3-5 times weekly, limiting alcohol and sweets, and eating healthy foods, like fruits and veggies 3-5 day and 3 servings of dairy a day.

and 2-Write more! I have set up a writers notebook with a calendar and writing opportunities listed on each month. I have joined the Open Doors newsletter staff at work and had one article published. I think this will teach me more about real journalism processes. I have drafted a children's mystery story for the Highlights contest due this month. And I will pick one novel I've started to finish this year. I think it will be Hunt Road, the story of Greg, an amature slueth and reluctant medium who follows the trail of a murderous wife beater to solve the death of a local drunk, who has no one else to stand up for him, finding love along the way. Ok, so my hook needs a little more work. Like why does anyone care?

The other project I will finish within the next three months (see a deadline, I can set them, I just have problems with the execution), is a story for True Confessions. I think using some of my experiences from my real life, like the time I lived with the child molester who controlled my life for a year, should be able to give me some writing fodder for this gendre. You would think with the number of these I read during my childhood, they should be easy to write!

Anyway, those are my focus goals. Of course, I set getting my budget under control (not totally in my court), increasing my pay at work and getting a promotion?, and a few others as well. But I will be happy to follow the path set for me above.

And now, I need to go exercise. Hope your day is filled with exciting planning and careful execution.