Sunday, July 02, 2006

Welcome to my world

Well, its been said that if you write today, you are a writer, so, instead of working on my novels in progress, I've chosen to build a blog. I guess its more entertaining than the 20K resume's and coverletters I've been sending lately. Or going to another job interview. How many ways can you answer the following: "Tell me about a time that you ran into a problem at work and how you solved it?" Or "Why did you apply to work with us?" (Hint: the answer to the last question is not a job, any job!)

I am a new resident to Illinois, Although I'm closer to St. Louis, MO. I used to live in Idaho. And these two places are the only places I've ever lived. My son says I'm moving through the states alphabetically, so Iowa, get ready, you're next.

So besides looking for work and avoiding writing, how do I spend my days? Well I have a personal trainer who works out with me every morning. Now before you get jealous, its really two personal trainers, Bella and Demon, my Pomeraniums. (Does spelling count here?) I made the mistake of starting to take them for a walk every morning, besides, what else do I have to do? Now, I'm committed. I'll be laying in bed, sleeping, something I like to do at 6:00 am, when Demon will start petting my face with his paws. "Get up, get up."

Now if I can manage to put him off for a while, I'll be sitting at the computer, going through my email, seeing what my stars have in store for me and he'll start begging. But he doesn't just look at me. He does the up on the back legs, paws in the air wave. Its just too much to take on no coffee, so I give in. I hate to see what time I'm going to have to get up when I do finally have a job!

An article idea is calling. Better go while the muse is in a good mood.


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