Thursday, July 13, 2006

Relaxation time

I finally have a job. After six weeks of worry and diriving and sending my resume to every possible job opening in the area. I have landed on my feet. And, it's not clerical. Ok, well most jobs are clerical when you get down to it, but this one is for a company that has advancement possibilities, and I'm going to be working on my Masters at the same time so that I can finally say I have it. I worked with several temporary services out here and the one advantage to that was I tested my way through their systems and really felt good about my skills in those areas. It was a good brush up for me.

So now I can stop thinking about paying the bills and start thinking about writing again. I've been spending so much time doing mystery shops or merchandising and going on interviews that my days have been filled. Jim goes off to work at 6 so he's back at the house by 3. And I just can't seem to write when he's here. Funny, that.

I was thinking yesterday during my walk, that I should carry the digital camera and give you some ideas about what the lay of the land looks like.I've seen a lot of neat things during the last two months, and I haven't written about them at all, unless you count the art museum. And I didn't even wax poetic about Forest Park, where the museum calls home. Its has the history museum, the zoo, and a lot more. One of my interviewee's said that it is bigger than central park in New York and was park of the World's Fair when it was in St. Louis. Do they even have World's Fair's anymore? And just down the street is the old brewery building. There is three houses attached to the brewery where the owners used to live and they have a tunnel and storage cave underneith the houses where they stored the beer to keep it cool.

We didn't go down to the arch for the fireworks, everyone was feeling a little off that day so we watched it on the big screen. Not really the same. There's a Busch race coming to the Gateway track the end of this month and I'm trying to figure out a way to get tickets. Howcome everything has to cost so much.

I didn't go to the writer's group meeting at the library because I didn't write down the specifics of where I found the information. And driving into St. Louis again, after being there all day dropping of phamplets to doctor's offices (one of my merch jobs) just seemed a little much. But I did watch the Stephen King mini series. The first one about the assassin who kills a toy maker and then gets killed by one of his advendging toys was better left as a read rather than putting it on tv. There is just something that gets lost in the translation. And, there was no dialog during the entire hour! Maybe artsy but not my cup of tea.

The second one was more my style about a couple who is on their honeymoon in England and finds a rip in the dimensional fabric. I had less problem believing the dimensional rip than I did the characters. I felt they were written or acted, very two dimensional and didn't really feel real to me, but boy I believed the monster. I guess I'm stuck with a writer's mind set, even when I'm relaxing and just zoning out on the telly.

Well, the dogs are begging for their walk and the dishes from last night still needing to be done and I still have to do a full day or two of mystery shops and doctor visits before I go to my new job on tuesday., so I need to kick it into high gear and get going.

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