Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness

So I haven't written in a while. I have been writing this am in my Hunt Road mystery/suspense novel. It's going pretty well although I had to go back through all the chapters and make sure I didn't name the cat twice (I did) and get my desciptions and names for my characters. So I've started a hunt road notebook and maybe that will help me track timelines and the story plot. I'm in a critique group and used the older chapters of Hunt Road for my first critique.

Highlights turned me down for a scholarship. What were they thinking? Oh, well. I have had lots of thanks but no thanks this winter, but maybe spring will be kinder to me. I finally wrote and submitted a story for True Confessions. I have three things out for that group of Trues.

I'm interviewing for Senior this coming week after passing the initial screening, the test, and now finally the interview. This process is overwhelming and I'm losing sleep over facing the board for my grille, but I know I'm going to be ready for whatever they throw at me. (I hope....)

Vegas is three weeks away. I'm stoked. I hope we have fun, win lots of money and throw excellent darts. We have another major dart tourneyment the weekend before we leave too. So maybe we will win some traveling money there. :)

Reading: I finished A Jury of One, Laura Bradford, A Killer Stitch, Maggie Sefton and I'm working on The Survivors Club, Lisa Gardner and A Shop on Bloom Street, Debbie MacComber.
I'm lucky to have such great books right now to read.

Well, I better get going and doing all the stuff I need to on this almost warm spring saturday. Happy Easter to you all.