Saturday, July 19, 2008

The things we read

Ok, I'm swamped. My writing is stalled, totally. My fantasy job didn't come to pass. My budget is in the toliet. And my arm is swelling bad due to the lymph node removal.

Now, that being said, good things are also happening. We just bought a new car (didn't mention above that the Nissan decided to stop running for a while, got fixed, then something new broke...), had a nice annual review at work, had major woman's mag editor call me on a query I wrote (need to follow up on my followup...) and have been reading some great books!

I have finished Maggie Sefton's complete back list and now am ready to go out and buy Dyer Consequences. It's part of a murder mystery series that I just love. I can identify with her main character, she isn't the babysitter that goes down into the basement when she hears a noise, but she does get herself into some dicey situations.

I won an ARC of More Than This by Margo Candela. Loved it! Her main character, Evelyn, is a poor little rich girl that you really can like! And the leading guy, Alexander, mmmmm, yummy. The situations that these two find themselves in are fun and interesting and keep you reading to the end to see if they ever even meet.... This book will be out in August, 2008. Put it on your must buy list!

I also won a copy of I Shall Not Want, by Juia Spencer-Fleming. More of a traditional mystery with an unconvential love mixed in. Very topical and based in today's world. Still in my currently reading pile.

So the postman has been nice to me, bringing me great summer reading tucked in with those pesky bills.

And here's an opportunity for you to cash in on the free book train.
The Heretics Daughter by Kathleen Kent. It's a story deep in the Salem witch trial period of the other side. I'm hoping to win the ARC so I can read this before it goes on sale in September. And if I do, the ARC will be passed on to a new winner from my blog site. (Wishing us all luck!)

Anyway, I am going to get serious about writing this fine Saturday morning as well as all the cleaning and shopping that needs done, so I'll sign off here. I also have to hit the library for books on CD for my new CD player in the car. Who cares if I drive 2 hours a day if I'm deep into a story.

Happy summer.