Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Countdown continues

I'm a 1/3rd of the way last Friday. So by this friday I'll be 1/2 way done. The radiation makes me tired. I can feel it after I leave and driving home. But I did some dishes last night and made dinner, and even stayed up to 9:30, a new record!

Labor Day weekend was kind of boring, I should have called home but forgot. And Labor Day I spent in bed, reading and watching TV. We went to Harrahs on Sunday and spent way too much money but had fun and we don't go a lot so I guess it's ok. I'm just trying so hard to pay off these old bills and hospital bills so that we can start saving for a house. I really miss having my own home. Once they do get paid off though we should be able to sock away quite a bit. I dreamed I was buying savings bonds last night. When I worked for DHW, I bought bonds but they got spent down during the divorce. So I guess I'm subconsciously thinking I should be saving more.

I finished the truck book and sent in my final test. I have some wiggle room so I don't have to get a 90 but that would be nice. I got my raise, 4%. I guess that's good. Over a year, I've gotten 13% total with all the test raises. But I only have 3 tests left I can take. I guess I'll really have to push for senior.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in this am and get some thoughts down. Writing, none, since the short story. Reading, finished Mary Higgins Clarkes newest, I've heard that song. and Night of the living Deb by Susan McBride. Started an older Iris Jonhonst (I'm really butchering her name).

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