Saturday, September 29, 2007

Busy busy busy

Ok, that's a lie. How about tired, tired, tired? I have one more radiation treatment and my skin has broken so now I am tired and hurt. But this too shall end and after next week, it's all healing from here.

Oh, and getting teeth pulled next month. Boo Hiss, but maybe I'll start feeling better in November.

No writing going on but one of my essays is under consideration for a chicken soup book. I'm pretty excited. I've had the same writing goals all month with no progress. But as a good excuse, I am tired and on lot of pain meds. Maybe next month will be better.

Jim's been out of town and I went to visit him last weekend. It was a blast in Peoria. We hit the Octoberfest on the River front, saw the River Barge dock on the shore, and walked the shore of the Illinois river looking for sea shells, which we found. Ate out at Cheddars (excellent) and had breakfast at Perkins (which I totally miss out here. But they don't heat their maple syrup! ) God, I'm missing Idaho.

He's back for the weekend so I'm sure we will be busy this weekend getting lots of stuff done, but for right now, it's nice having him on the computer in the other room. Didn't a couple just get divorced because they were on line chatting each other up without knowing the other one was their spouse? The new marriage. Two people, two computers.

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