Sunday, August 26, 2007

One week done, five to go.

I read somewhere that a cancer patient's life is based around treatments. How many weeks done, where they are in the cycle. I'm finding that to be very true. I am trying to focus on other parts of my life, but the cancer part keeps taking center stage. And I know its short term. But its overwhelming sometimes. I feel like running away (my usual response to danger) and giving up everything I have. Which is not a good sign. Maybe I need to schedule a mental health checkup? I've done so well, maybe not falling apart is a bad sign. Anyway, I am one week and 1 day into this process. I feel ok but tired. I want to do so much and I feel like I'm in stall mode.

Well, I finally passed my review of smart goals for work and now I get a raise, but I don't know how much only that it will go back to July 18th. Next week I'll probably start training the new girl to take on Texas which will lower my stress level totally. I am finished with Chapter 9 of the truck book and only one more chapter to go and I'll get a $500 bonus! That is if I don't blow the next two tests. I have a 94% average over the test so I have a little bit of wiggle room. But I'll be honest and say I'll be glad when it's done.

We bought a new digital camera yesterday. Jim's been playing with it but he wants to go to the Red's game and use it to take pictures of his favorate players. I think it will be fun to go. I'll need to scrounge up some tickets. We went once this year and saw the Reds play and it was really fun. Peanuts and beer. This time I'm getting a t-shirt!

I have my short story edited and ready to go next week. Now to pick a new project.

Have a great week.

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