Saturday, December 08, 2007

Update from the cold

So, I sent off my Thanksgiving essay to an online contest. Didn't win. But I have one more essay done for possible submission later. I finished three chapters of my children's novel, Hannah Rides the Pony Express and sent it off with a scholarship application for the Highlights Convention next summer. Then I let someone from work read it. I was nervous about the comments but they were good. And then she said something else.

"I know you know how she travels in time and it was very effective when I read it, and I don't want you to tell me, but it got me thinking how is she going to get back."

Now as much as I loved the comment about Hannah's move to the 1860's was effective and believable, it got me worried since I don't have this whole story in my head and frankly I'm not quite sure how she gets back. But this friend thought I did. Am I starting writing too soon before I plot out the story? Do I let my characters tell their own story too frequently? All I know is after we talked, I was excited to get back to Hannah in Martha's cabin and finish the story so I can find out how she finally gets back to her families vacation to Utah.

So it's the first week of December and I have a four day weekend at Christmas. Yea! We have darts this weekend and then I think we are done with darts except league until the first of the year when the traveling season starts. And it doesn't end until May!

So if I'm going to write at all today, I better get going.

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