Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well two days of my Christmas Holiday are gone already. Today seems to be packed with to do's as well. Jim's still not finished with his shopping. I have to make a salad for tomorrow. No desserts as everyone is on a diet. Maybe I'll make some cookies to send off to Alex.

I'm not writing. I'm dreaming a lot but not writing. It's like I sit down and all the ideas that I've had over the week just fall out of my head only to return while I'm driving the hour into work. I'm thinking about trying the switch to 4 10's. It would save me almost $50 a month in gas and a full day in driving a month. I wonder if I would be less tired and more available to write on Friday's.

JIm is on lay off until the first week of March. This should be interesting.

We have two upcoming dart weekends one in January in Sullivan MO and one in Springfield IL in February. Both should be fun and we should be able to win at least enough money to pay for the weekends. I'm hoping.

Friday night darts is really fun as I get to play with Jim every game. He's working with me on some of my strategy issues and I think it's helping, especially with my 01 game. We will play mixed cricket in February so we'll see what I've learned.

Merry Christmas to all.

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