Sunday, August 19, 2007

Radiation and writing

You would think that those two things are so far off the table, but they're not. Anyway. I started radation on Friday. 4 pm which means I have to be at work at 7 and then off by 3:30. I've been swamped at work and unable to catch up this month. So no overtime for me for the next 6 weeks. It's not so bad but a little scary, watching the machine round around you and knowing that radiation, which is suppose to be a bad thing, is going through your body every time you hear a beep. I wonder if they aren't just testing human's for some evil alien plot to rule the world.

So now you know where writing comes in. During my last simulation, I planned a short story I was going to write for Family Circle contest due at the end of the month. Then after reading what won last year, as I was looking for guidelines such as length, I realized it just wouldn't do. The subject matter was a little dark. Imagine that! I know I look like Pollyanna on the outside, but get me writing!

Anyway, I had whitled this story down to what would have really worked, but since I couldn't use it, I went with "What She Left Behind." It's kind of a story about moving and leaving things and the corresponding woman who died and left behind things. I really like it. It still is a little dark, and I might have to tweak the ending a little, but it works. Lots of detail. Lots of thought. The only bad thing is there is little dialogue which could kill me. I have two weeks to finish and get it in the mail.

Reading: I finished Laura Bradford's Forecast of Evil this week. I'm into St. Louis authors right now so I can say, I read your book if I ever meet one of them! It's a mystery, which I've learned from my studies is different from suspense or a thriller. The book is based on a closed setting (like Agatha Christies books) where an island is snowed in with a serial killer on the loose. It's the middle book in a series so I'll have to go back and get the other before I read her new book, just out.

I can't listen to books anymore as my CD player went out in my car. So I still don't know how Lifeguard by James Patterson ends. And please, don't email me. I'm going to get the book and read the last few chapters.

I also pulled out the 2008 Writer's Market and made some notes on possible markets for my work or where I'd like to try. I have a couple ideas that I think I'll get cracking on next week.

I'm feeling good but pushing myself a little too much. We played darts last Saturday and Monday and I did fine. Didn't lose a lot of energy even though I've been off for about six months.


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