Friday, July 06, 2007

New computer stuff...

And my computer at work took a dive so I'm working at someone else's desk. Don't know what I'm going to do on Monday But at home, I have a wireless keyboard and mouse. I have to say the mouse is very fast for me and I can't find the delete key on the keyboard so I keep having lines in my writing. But I love it. I think just because its new.

I wrote a short essay but have lots of work to do on it. My writing style is very formal, especially when I write about the cancer. Maybe I'm trying to distance myself from it.

Jim is unhappy that his insurance is costing so much and I'm worried about the budget and trying to get old bills paid off so we can buy a house next year. Life never completely slides by does it? No truly easy patch where you can say everything's so fine it's boring. Maybe only the lucky ones get to say that. I keep digging out to have the dirt fall back on me twice as deep.

Well, today is Homer's surgury so I better get in the shower and take him in. Hopefully this will calm him down a little. Air show this weekend at Scott's Air Force Base.


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