Saturday, April 21, 2007

The last week...

Well, its been quite a week. I thought I was going to have that feel good week in between chemos but it wasn't to be. I started getting sick on Monday and they had me calling in and taking my temp at home. Tuesday we started taking blood and I stayed home from work and worried. Tuesday night I noticed a raised spot on my back that iched like heck. When I called in, they put me on a medicine for shingles (also genital herpes according to the label :) ). When I went in for my shots on Wednesday, they took more blood, looked at my sore, and called it all into the doctor who had been threatening to put me in the hospital for IV antibiotics if my fever continued.
Well, everything started to calm down and by yesterday, I was feeling a lot better and my nurse told me that my wednesday blood counts were already going up from Tuesdays. I guess they look at giving you transfusions when they get too low. More news to me. My nurse coordinator thinks my counts will be back up to normal by Tuesday when I'm scheduled for Chemo. If not, they will put it off a week, which will really suck since I have things scheduled based on my Tuesday chemo days.

We threw darts Wednesday and I just wore my hat. People were so nice but I felt like a dork. How come guys can have no hair and we still think they look good, but girls need that hair to even come close?

What have I been reading? Sliver of Truth, Lisa Unger. Wow, this was a ride from the first moment I opened the book. I guess its a continuation from her first, Beautiful Lies which now I have to read. Her protaganist is funny and accessable, yet not predictable. She does a lot of the dumb naive things I could see myself doing if I was even close to being in a situation like hers. And, like my family, secrets abound and people disappoint you.

I just started Staying Home is a Killer by Sara Rosett. Fun read. Easy to pick up before doctor appointments and while I'm waiting without losing my place in the story.

The really kind nurse in the weekend cancer clinic at Barnes Jewish gave me the Susan McBride books in the Deutante Dropout Series. Susan is a St. Louis writer, my new home, and we were talking about the different writers who live in the area. Miss nurse, sorry, I don't know her name, said she met her at a book fair and was given the first book, so she had to go buy the other two. Marketing did work in this case. I'm probably going to start Blue Blood next.

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Jeani said...

so what secrets are you talking about and who has disappointed you know.