Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bad Hair Day

Ok, that's an understatement! It is coming out. By the handfuls. And I know its normal, but still it is driving me crazy. Two days ago at work, everyone thought I had gotten a hair cut it was so short, but no, just falling out. I will have to wear the wig on Monday so I'm glad I went and got it last week.

On other cancer news, the chemo seems to be not as bad this time for my stomach, but I'm a lot more tired and worn out. I'm still doing shots at the hospital but I got my grant approved and I should do them at home next round.


To finish my post, I took a few hours (ok, days) off in between. But SEE ABOVE! Today is the first day I'm trying out my wig at work so I'm like going to high school for the first time. Its trying on all those clothes you thought looked sharp in the mall and now having nothing to wear on THE-MOST-IMPORTANT-DAY-OF-YOUR-LIFE feeling. ( I learned that technique in Non fiction class over at BSU, impressed, huh!)

Alex called yesterday (my son) and I just cried. Not because of anything, I just miss him so much. I'm not 7 hours away now, I'm two days away from him if I got a wide hair and started driving.

As far as writing, I went on a four day roll at the first of the month and haven't touched a word since. I know, I have a few things on my mind, but you would think this would be the time to get writing, about those fears, the tests, the other people? I met a man at my last shot who said he went to shave, put the shaving cream on, and half his beard came off with the cream. Sad huh.

Well, if anyone has any hats they want to send my way, I'd love to get some. I have a skull cap thing and a baseball cap and my wig. I'm going to have to go shopping this weekend for some turbans.

Here's to good hair days for the rest of you.

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