Sunday, September 03, 2006

Has it really been a month?

Ok, I am so sorry. I can't believe I haven't stopped in for over a month to write. I can tell you that I'm working 9 hours a day, driving 1.5 hours (when traffic is good) and basically tired out. Working out has become a thing of the past, the dishes sit until one of us gets tired of them, and I'm asleep by 9 at the latest which has made it more important for me to get a DVR. Do you hear that Charter? I don't care if it is a popular item! This household must have one before the new seasons start so I can watch Medium and Ghost Whisperer without worrying about falling asleep.

But, I was talking to my sister (on email today-I don't use the phone, which makes the below story even more relevant.) and came up with a picture of me in my new job that I wanted to share. Usually, I just share the good stuff so this is a streach for me. (BTW-Did I tell you I got a raise within a month of my hire date? See, it's impossible for me to stop with all the good news crap.)

So I was reading, a very clever new blog my sister turned me on to and she said:
"They don’t talk at precisely the wrong second, allowing someone else to talk over them, thus nullifying their comments and ensuring their status as “the slow woman in the corner with barbeque sauce on her shirt.”
Boy, have I felt like that before, totally invisible. Which brings me to my story. I made a major fuba (is that how you spell it?) at work last month. We had a Wecome new hires breakfast, left the lunchroom where they feed us and made us do a stupid "Lets find out about you game" where I said the best kitchen appliance was a blender, but what I really meant to say was one of those expensive mixers that everyone gets as a wedding present, unless like me, you are 8 months pregnant and everyone is just glad you are getting married, even if he is an asshole. But back to my mistake. Or should I say my most recent mistake.

So we leave the lunchroom and go to the training room which is really neat and I'm going to have to call my old trainer buddy and let her know about the full whiteboard wall they have. There is a man standing outside the room with a suit on. I'm figuring hes a trainer as we are a business professional dress corporation. Nope, he's the VP of Fleet Services and I walk right by him like he's a janitor, holding the door. Everyone else stops and shakes his hand. He notices I walk right by and Kathy, the other new girl who was raised with manners, says something to me about saying hello. I say, is it manditory? Stupid, huh? So I guess my glass ceiling has come down a few floors and being a trainer there is probably out the window.

But, I like my job mostly. Sometimes I don't have anything to do, so I started designed a training program for new employees for their Xerox system that makes and stores copies of everything they do so they don't have to keep files. Boy, DHW at home needs to look into this. This system would save a Brazilian rain forest in the amount of trees saved for paper. And I'm not getting a cutback from Xerox for saying this, although they are welcome to call me to get my mailing address for any checks they feel inclined to send my way.

I have been doing a lot of reading, at breaks and at lunch. But everyone wants to come and sit and eat lunch with me. (See note above.) Maybe I'm just not a friendly type? And now, I don't get invited out to lunch when they go. See now I'm whining again. I want it all my way. Leave me alone when I want to read but invite me to eat out with you when I'm feeling lonely and cut off from the world. In other words, read my mind.

So writing, I have started a health journal to track my thoughts about losing, there is no try, this weight. I can be back in my nice clothes by the new year according to this new "Spark Diet" program. But I freak when I try to limit myself, so I'm writing about my freaking.

And, I sent an essay to Cup of Comfort for Writers. I finished my "Personal Trainers from Hell" finally and now need to research a market to send it to. I still have to write my Grit submission, Corn, corn- I think this is going to be about growing up and going through the corn freezing party we always had. But I haven't written it yet, so who knows.

Anyway, I'll be a better poster, I promise. I'm writing down an appointment for a couple of days from now. Thanks for stopping in. And Janet, thanks for bugging me about not posting.

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