Sunday, September 17, 2006

I love Sunday's

Of course when the alarm went off this am, I thought it was Monday and started berating myself on the things I didn't get done this weekend. I even woke Jim up. Now, I find that funny.

But why do I love Sunday's. I try to do things for me on Sunday. Walk the dogs, read the newspaper, maybe even pull out a novel and get a few pages in. But lately HGTV has been taking up my time with Design Star. Thank goodness David won last night and I won't have to worry about that any more. I never understood why people would watch American Idol, but boy I got hooked on Design Star. Luckly, HGTV knows my time is short and ran a marathon so I could watch all the episodes, almost, at the same time. I guess I feel like interior design is more interesting than singing. And they seemed like intellegent people for the most part, but you do get involved in the drama and want certain people to lose because face it, they just don't get along with others.

I think playing well with others is probably the one key element of success in today's world. Yea, we all like the ruthless business man sterio type, but we all root on his demise as well. After all my bosses and my different jobs, in and out of the government, non-profit, and for profit world, the one lesson I've learned is you have to be good to work with or you can make everyone's life miserable. You can only work for the world's biggest witch for so long before you lose yourself and need to find another job.

When I threw my desk chair at home across the kitchen because one of my co workers had stolen one of my ideas and was getting promoted because of it, I knew it was time to leave the Toxic Environment. There has been a lot written about Toxic workplaces, but I don't think people really take it seriously.

I was working with this one lady who had a supervisor who was out to get her. Really. She had even told me that she thought this worker needed to leave and she was going to be the one who did it. When Sara (name changed) came to talke to me in tears about the latest mean, cruel discussion she had endured from Mrs. Hateful, I was dealing with my own Mrs. Spiteful, and gave her the speech I had been giving myself.

The only thing in the world you can change is your attitude about how you react to their comments. If you let them affect you, they win. If you truely can't take their involvement in your life anymore, you need to find something else to do. We work with people for more hours out of the day than we spend with our family and loved ones. You need to chose the ones you work with in a positive manner. Don't burn your bridge if you decide to leave, but leave if you need to. Or make the decision to stay and change the way you react.

Sara took this advice, stayed and eventually was moved to another supervisor who she loved. But she dealt with Mrs. Hateful in a calm, professional manner, and didn't let her barbs affect her. She used the "That may be true" response when told how to change her work and then did the best job she could.

So I love Sunday's. Time to reflect on the week. Time to find myself. Time to examine how I have reacted this week and make plans for next week to be better.

And now, I throw darts on Sunday nights. We will have to see if I like that or not.

Later, LYnn

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