Thursday, June 26, 2008

MIA (missing in action) post

I am very sorry it's been this long. March came and went. April it seemed like I was getting ready for the trip to Vegas, and now, I've been recovering. So time (and money) have been my enemy this last couple of months.

The good news is my time has been fruitful. I am deep in the interview process for a job as a training writer. My writing test is being reviewed now and then if I pass that I have one more interview before they make a final decision. I am so jacked. This is the job I was meant to do. Let's hope they agree.

My children's story came back with a thanks, no thanks, again. I need to go research children's magazines to see if I can get it placed it a home. I am in the middle of writing a confession with help from a professional confessor. Of course it's the middle so I'm feeling overwhelmed as ususal. And Hunt Road is stalled as the critique group said I needed to tighten up my first person POV.

And, we got married in Vegas this year, so my name has changed to Cahoon after being with the guy for 8 years this August. So now, I have to change my name in all the bills, bank accounts, etc. It's been a pain. We are trying to clean up our credit so we can buy a house. And put some money away in savings for a down. The nice thing is Jim isn't out of town for weeks like he was last year.

So wedding announcements are addressed and waiting for me to get pics copied and put into the envelopes, then that will be done. I'm working on some book keeping for Jim's old business. And trying to lose some weight and build back some muscle.

So yeah, I'm all over the place with this post. More of a to do list than a post this time. I was going to write about walking in the Koman Race for the Cure, but this is what you get.

Have a great day.... Lynn

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