Monday, October 16, 2006

I guess I need to rename my blog

I was thinking that having this blog, I would write about writing. What I'm submitting, what I'm trying, what progress I'm having, but I'm not any of those things. I'm not writing again. Not even in a journal. The journal is what keeps me unblocked. Lets me get my fears out on paper so I don't sound like a screaming idiot during the day when I'm talking to others. But I don't journal. I diet but don't really exercise, just walk once or twice a day with co workers. And weekends, I don't do anything, really. Darts have taken up a lot of my free time again. Darts and driving. Ok, so now I'm whining.

I only have a couple minutes but I thought I'd write about the Toby Keith concert. We got there early so we were first in line. And then we waited for fhree hours in line, before they would let us in the gate. Note to self: That is really too early! Then beer was $7.50 a pop. See even when I'm writing about something else, I'm whining. Joe Nichols was his second act and he was good, but I think he was better in Boise. And then he had Rushlowe Harris? as his opening. They only had guitars so it was acostical? but I thought they were very good. Jim and his folks didn't agree.

Well, the road is calling. Back to work today. PowerPoint class tomorrow. Should be a fun week.

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