Sunday, February 06, 2011

Learning to adjust to reality

Failure. I hate failure, but I'll admit my falling now, then at the end of the month, we'll just skim over this.

Friday night was the work event I was planning on attending. Apparently my body had other plans. I had a horrible toothache. Heading to the dentist tomorrow so wish me luck - filling good - root canal bad.

So I failed.

So I'm adding a new living dangerously goal for February. I am guest hosting a debut author on on the 18th. This is my first blog party so I'm hoping people will show up.

Now, back to writing.


Kristal Lee said...

Hang in there, Lynn. We can't truly appreciate our successes if we haven't had a few failures along the way. I hope your toothache gets better and I'm whispering a prayer that it won't take a root canal to make it so.

Joe Richardson said...

I don't think you can classify nonattendance as failure in this case. More like, you were autonomically Shanghaied.

I think it's pretty ingenious, rotating a new goal into the ranks to stand in place of the fallen. That kinda moxie is a recipe for success. Well done.

Hope you're feeling better ASAP.

Lynn said...

Hi Krisal - Hi Joe - If I start rambling, it's the drugs...

It's a root canal. Something in the $500 buck range... seriously...that's as much as my national conference registration.

Thanks for the well wishes... maybe this weekend I'll be thinking a little clearer...

Laura Bradford said...

{{{{{Feel better}}}}

The writing will still be there. But first you need to feel better!