Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day 2011

We got a storm last night that covered our area with three inches of snow. At least. So after riding to the store with my dh, I decided to avoid the roads (and the accidents) and stay home from work. I had a day to pretend I was a full time writer.

I don’t think I did very well. Not for what could have been an eight-hour day of writing, but I did get another big scene done for my work in progress. I read some work for a contest I’m judging. And I dug through my email, getting stuff deleted, answered, and filed. I realized I get over 200 emails on a weekday. And that’s in my personal emails, not counting what I get in the day job.

But maybe I did all right. I did some planning on the cozy mystery that I’ll be starting to write as soon as The Bull Rider’s Brother (BRB) is done. I’ve got the first scene started in my head. A Cambria business owner comes knocking on Jill’s front door needing help for her son. Or maybe that will be a later scene….the order of the scenes will come, eventually.

I was lying in bed Saturday morning and realized I’d missed a scene in BRB. And all of a sudden, a new character popped into my head and messes with my hero. Which he deserves. And then to add the new twist, I had to change the POV orders for my heroine and hero for the last two chapters.

Sometimes I feel my characters are in charge and I’m just doing their transcriptions. Especially when I’m at the end of the books. When I really know my characters and what they would do. How they live.

So maybe I didn’t get more words down because my characters were taking a snow day as well. Or maybe they thought I was still at the day job.

The picture in today's blog shows the woods that run behind my house. Where the deer hide.

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Laura said...

Sounds to me like you got a lot done. You may not have been "writing" as much as you'd have wanted, but your characters were hard at work.

Yay snow days!