Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Year of Me

Last year when I turned…mumble, mumble…on my birthday, I made myself a pledge. That this would be the year of Lynn. I’d do what I wanted the entire year.

And for the most part, I’ve followed that guideline.

I joined RWA and the local chapter, MORWA. I’ve attended most of the monthly meetings, even though I sat in the car before my first meeting alone and thought about turning around and driving the hour back home. Getting out of the car was the best thing I’ve done for my writing career yet.

I’ve read my work twice at our CORE meetings. It’s a critique group where you read fifteen pages then eight people tell you all the things wrong (and right) with the piece. My voice shook my first reading. And I learned, I don’t like conflict. On the page that is.

I flew to Seattle to see my only son get married and to meet my new daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Of course I had to stop at Pikes Market and get a reading from the fortuneteller in the box. Good things are coming my way.

I finished two manuscripts and started learning all I didn’t know when I started editing.

I went to Florida (first time) and attended the RWA National Convention. Being around people who live, breath and think writing for four days was amazing. I lived through my pitch session and got a request from my targeted editor. Now the submission is on her desk and out of my hands. And control.

I sold five short stories to the confessions market. Four to True Love and one to True Experience. Breaking into this market really boosted my confidence about the future of my writing and paid for the above-mentioned trip.

In and around all of that, I lived. I walked the dogs when the weather was nice. My hubby took me to the Grafton Winery and drank wine while the DJ played adult contemporary. We took a trip to Hannibal to see the Mark Twain cave. We drove to St. Genienve and saw a tiger exhibit. We went to a Red’s game and soon will be cheering on our favorite drivers at a Nationwide race.

I think this year on my birthday; I’ll set the same goal. To make this a Year of Lynn. I’m excited to think of all the adventures I’ll be able to report next year.


Laura said...

Sounds like you had a really good year!!! I think we need to do that...celebrate ourselves a little bit. It's so easy to get "us" lost in the shuffle of everyday life. Living life and enjoying it is really most important!

Wendy S Marcus said...

Hi Lynn!
I'm a forty something writer, too. My body feels older, my mind (except for my memory) younger. I joined my local RWA this year, too. And had much apprehension before the first meeting as well. I also attended my first national conference this year. I never broke into the short story market but sold to Mills and Boon this month. Very exciting! Sounds like you're close to breaking in,too. Good luck with your writing!