Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome back...

I guess that's a welcome back to me. I'm committing to posting once a week so check in frequently.

So, what's been up since December 2008? A lot.

I've sold four short stories to True Love and True Experience magazines. These are fun to write. I'm currently writing a Christmas story which is hard since the weather has been in the 90's plus humitity here.

I've joined RWA, joined a great chapter - MORWA, and went to my first national convention. Amazing program. Lots to do,things to learn and people to meet. I got a fan girl pic with Brenda Novak (from Sacramento, CA) - She writes romantic suspense and is a motivational guru for writers. I learned so much about surving the business from her presentations at nationals. And she's a Utah native.
The cancer thing is doing fine, thanks for asking. My doc says I get to have a well baby check next year rather than the scary oncology appointment. Yay!
I've sent a partial (three chapters and an outline/synopsis) to Harlequin American last month. This is the book I pitched at nationals. A pitch is a ten minute appointment with an editor (in this case I got two for the price of one...) where you tell them all about you, your writing background, your book, and why they should buy it. Kind of like a nerdy sorority rush on steroids.
I'm very proud of the book. It's set in the Treasure Valley. A reader from the area will recognize locations such as Meridian Speedway, Murphy, the Boise foothills, the BSU campus (Go Broncos) and maybe even the small farm where I grew up. I hope the HAR editors love the story as much as I do.
I'm working on a new romance manuscript for submission to an e-book novella. This is a shorter book (20,000 words) and is set here in St. Louis near the hospital where I spent so much time a few years ago. But the story is focused on the amazing park that is across the street. Forest Park was the sight of the 1904 World's Fair and is home to the zoo, the art and history museum, the science center, and miles of running trails. It's amazing.
What's been up with you guys?


Julie Shumway said...

Welcome Back, Lynn!
It's great to hear that you only need a well baby check next year. My mother had breast cancer about five years ago. She had two surgeries, but they caught it early so she did not need any radiation or chemo.

I had once wanted to move out to Boise. I even spent a few days there, but in the end I chickened out. But the place names in your story are familiar from my research.

Good luck on writing a blog entry every week. I, too am trying to blog more on my personal blog. It was slow going this week, but next week will be better.

Lynn said...

Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by. I'm amazed at our Boise connection. Sometimes it really is a small world.

See you at the New Kids....