Saturday, August 23, 2008

The pool has already closed!

Must be a sign that summer is over. And I didn't even get to go. Ok, I went once but that was the night they were doing a swim meet there and the pool was closed. Bummer. I walk down to the park with the dogs and get to look at the cool blue water every day I walk but now, no incentive.

The work newsletter I edit and write for came out this last month on Leadership to rave reviews from the management. I was really excited about the edition although it was a little long.

I never heard back from Women's World on my follow up on my query even with another follow up so I guess that piece is not going to happen. But at least I got a bite on a query. I have a couple essays rolling around in my head that need to get out so I can send them off.

Great news, I got final confirmation that I will have an essay in Chicken Soup for the Divorced and Recovering Soul in Bookstore on my birthday, October 7th this year. I'm so jacked!

But other than that, I'm not writing much. I sent an essay into the Chicken Soup for the Golfers Soul. I've been thinking about my three novels in process. And I'm close to finishing a story with my mentor's help for True Romance.

So that's the scoop from Illinois. I'm planning on walking down to the local festival this afternoon and seeing if they have any pronto pups. I'm craving one bad.

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