Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

I'm enjoying my long weekend, I go back to work on Tuesday, Jim Wednesday. Boy is his check going to be small this time. But I got in most of my overtime, so I should be ok. I've been sitting here planning dart tournaments. That is really focusing our lives right now. There's work and darts, with his folks sprinkled in there. I'm concerned about money but as usual, Jim says don't worry.

I haven't been really writing for a while. I'm so tired after working 9 hours and driving 2, that if it's not a dart night, I'm usually dead in front of the tv as soon as I get home. I'm going to start working out three days a week to see if that helps any. I have my first RA dr appointment next month so I think, or I should say, I hope, she can help me out of this weariness.

I'm reading a book one of the Wicked's sent me called Double Dutch? I think, my bag is in the car so I'll have to get it out. Its not bad, sometimes the wording is a little academic and the main character is a woman, but is written by a man. And you can tell. Funny, my one mystery I have floating in my head more than written down is with a POV of a man, a medium type that doesn't always like what he's been given. Maybe I should think about writing him. Men have always been a mystery to me, look at my love life. Can I write one convincingly?

The other Christmas surprise I got was a book by Ann Parker, Iron Ties. I must have entered a drawing cuz it just showed up with the author signing the book and everything. It looks good, maybe I'll get into it this weekend, or next, we have two where darts are not a priority but the apartment is screaming that it needs to be cleaned and I swore I'd send Alex some cookies.

I wonder if there is a magic pill that will give me the energy to get the must do's done and the want to do's started. Am I letting the urgent take over the important? God I wished I had thought of that. When do I find time to go back to school? To write? To see the art gallery Reinesance collection?

Merry Christmas to all.

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